Professional Cold Kitchen

This course is designed for students who love food art. Students will learn preparation of Cold Food and Decoration of Food. They will also learn Food Carving and Flower Decoration.


  1. Preparation of Cold Food (cold soup, salad, sauces)
  2. Preparation of Hors-d’oeurve
  3. Fruit Carving
  4. Vegetable Carving and etc

Duration: 02 Months

Qualification: Matriculation

Eastern Cuisine Course

In this course our focus is to cater cooking lovers by providing them
Eastern Food knowledge.

This course will cover all knowledge of Thai, Singaporean,
Indonesian, Malaysian and Japanese food.
This course is interesting to students who love cookery.

Duration: 02 Months

Qualification: Matriculation

Pakistani Sweet Course

This course is a good opportunity for those students

 who want to learn Pakistani sweets.

This course will cover preparation of traditional

Pakistani sweets and modify fancy Pakistani sweets.

Duration: 02 Months

Continental Cookery Course

This course is designed for students who want to learn
Continental Cookery or want to upgrade their
Continental Cookery knowledge and skills.
Students will learn to make salads, soups,
main dishes and side dishes of continental cuisine.

Duration: 02 Months

Fast Food

In this course students will learn preparation and cookery of Fast Food items and after completion of the course they can enjoy cookery of Fast Food and they can also run their own Fast Food business.


1.Salads and Soups

2.Assorted Sandwiches

3.Different types of Burgers

5.And many more

Duration: 02 Months

Junior Chef

Having fun and learning an important life skill are not enough for you, there are plenty of other educational benefits derived from taking part in a kid’s cooking ,
kids visiting grocery stores & mart. Here are a few of the skills
and learning abilities that kids can develop.

Duration: 01 Months